Additional Solutions

A single customized interface

From service to the deployment of complex infrastructures, we believe that a simplified access to the cloud will be the key to organizational efficiency.


Prologue : Use It Cloud

This solution provides you unique, intuitive and customizable interface to deploy all your infrastructures and applications in a few clicks. Monitor your activity in real time and integrate a modern and innovative tool to improve your performance.

Cloud Resource Management

One-stop shop portal
Federation and interoperability
Optimization and supervision

Automation and orchestration

Task automation
Workflow orchestration
Updating references and catalogues

Integration within existing system

Configuration manager
Easy integration with other ITSM tools

How it works

Three pillars: customization, agility & flexibility, control & monitoring

Public Cloud Providers

Public Cloud Providers: Amazon Web Services, Cloudwatt, CloudSigma, Microsoft Azure, OVH, IBM Bluemix

Web interface

Web interface available in any country

Private Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies: OpenStack, VMware vSphere, VMware vCLOUD

Third-party tools

Third-party tools: Puppet, Nagios, Script, Docker, SAML, LDAP, Chef

Portal & voice / data management tool

Take control of your data / voice flows with robust data monitoring and analysis solutions


ASC: Multi-channel recording

Market leader

ASC is a leading technology in the omnichannel software market that records and analyzes communications


Designed for all types of companies with recording needs especially for call centers, the financial industry and public organizations

ASC Portfolio

The ASC portfolio is available as well:
- On-premise
- SaaS (Cloud Solution)

Quality and performance management

Team evaluation, improvement of various predictors
Statistical tools for trades

E-learning, coaching and WFM

Team building, planning the right resource in the right place at the right time

360° Customer feedback

Post-call IVR

Speech Analytics

Transcription of voice into text, keyword research, emotion detection

Speech Desktop Analysis

Analysis of the workstation with screen recording


External operator networks and internal customer networks


TDM, analog, radio, Tetra, VoIP, Trunk SIP, SBC/hybrid


Voice, screens, mobile phones, instant messaging, chat, video, SMS, SIP video, social networks...

Open Lake Technology: Data Mining and Analysis

Innovative Solution

Open Lake provides an innovative solution for computer data analysis with high automation and reporting capabilities

Three sectors

IT: Analysis and management of the IT environment
Compliance: Analysis and automation of MIFID2 and GDPR compliance processes
Business: Analysis of interactions and statistics on user communications

Three service lines

Real Time Check: Real-time monitoring of cloud and on-premise technical infrastructure
Call Match: Real-time control of call recording and compliance processes
Smart Business Data: Analysis of user interactions

Service integration

Integrated with: IP Trade, Mitel, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Skype for Business, Azure, Amazon Web Services


Customized and automated PDF reporting

Do you have other needs?

Discover our additional services, including cloud-based video surveillance.


Zerkam: Cloud-based video surveillance

Video camera

Zerkam is a cloud-based video camera system:
- Easy to use & install
- Innovative functions
- High security


Zerkam cameras transmit video via the Internet to the Zerkam System

Video & devices

The system then transmits the video to all types of devices (Smartphone/PC/Tablets)

Access to the camera

Access to the camera at any time: Live videos/Recordings

Cloud Storage

Storage of videos on the Cloud

Web interface

Web interface available in any country

Motion detector

Integrated motion detector. If a movement is detected the system: will send an email, will send push notifications (via the application), will start recording the image within the 5 previous seconds

High security

High security standards: communications between camera and server are fully encrypted

Sound & video

HD video & sound quality (Q4 2018)

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