Safety and security

Secure your communications and your servers

Protect yourself from cyber-attacks on email as well as denial of service attacks (DDoS).


Vade Secure: targeted attacks blocked from the first email

User protection

- Protection for SMEs, ISPs and OEMs and any firm users against sophisticated cyber threats (phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomwares)

Blocking target attacks

- Block targeted attacks from the first email, with the Proactive Email Protection solution, which uses AI and data from 500 million email accounts.

Real-time detection

- Instant identification of threats and coordination of interventions by the Security Operations Centers (SOC).
- Native use of Vade Secure based on APIs for Office 365, the Cloud or scalable and low-volume APIs for SOCs.

Rapid7: a leading provider of analytical data security solutions

Analytical Data Security

- Combining the experience of data analytics security to enhance and take advantage of available data on IT environments.

Advantages of Rapid7

- Prevent attacks by providing visibility into vulnerabilities.
- Quickly detect security compromises.
- Assessment of violations and correction of underlying causes of attacks.

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