Cloud-based networks SD-WAN / SASE

Speed up and secure your operations to improve service delivery

INITECH’s Cloud consultants provide you with the right solutions to strengthen your business security and optimize connectivity.

Cloud-based networks such as SD-WAN and SASE combine several security and networking functions to help protect business networks, data, systems, and applications.

With the shift to a remote workforce and the rapid digital transformation of the market, businesses of all sizes have to move operations to the cloud. Not to mention that companies are using cloud-based systems to be able to deal with massive data in the most cost-efficient and secure way.

For small and midsize companies, integrating new security and networking systems can be a real game-changer. It will not only help your company address network performance, but also protect your operations against advanced threats while empowering a remote workforce and reducing the cost and complexity of your infrastructure.

Rely on our IT security consultants to deploy advanced technologies that can secure your data, users, devices, and systems no matter where they are located.

INITHEC helps you select and implement the best security technologies for your business

INITHEC gathers top IT security consultants with solid work experience in providing cloud-based services for small and midsize companies

INITHEC is able to support companies with:

Assessing their security and networking infrastructure, and identifying areas for improvement

Evaluating and selecting the most suitable solution based on their business needs and budget

Ensuring a smooth implementation of the cloud-based network with minimal disruption to the business

Designing and implementing customized security and networking solutions that align with their operational needs

Providing ongoing support to ensure the cloud-based network runs smoothly

5 reasons to trust INITHEC with your IT projects and cloud-based network implementation

Individual approach

For INITHEC, universal solutions that match all companies do not exist. This is why we work to provide customized guidance and recommendations precisely based on your needs and goals.

Consulting & Management services
from A to Z

To offer seamless and consistent business IT services, we support our clients at every step of their efforts. This includes  infrastructure consultation, needs assessment, design and implementation of solutions, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

High quality solutions

Our IT and cloud consultants utilize their expertise to propose solutions which are not only profitable for your business, but also scalable, reliable, and secure. Our goal is always to allow you to increase your productivity, competitiveness and efficiency..

Worldwide coverage

Thanks to our international presence, team, and experience in IT strategy consulting, INITHEC is able to meet any global requirements. Regardless of the location, we are able to navigate the complexities of working and operating in different regions.

Direct access to selected
high-quality providers

Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to connect our clients with the best technology vendors and service providers. This helps them save time and effort to focus on what they do best.

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