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Being a small or midsize company should not be an obstacle to growth. At INITECH, we believe that close partnerships and expert solutions are key. In the last few years, we have developed a strong global network of local technological partners to help SMEs overcome IT and Telecom challenges. Whether you are expanding your activities on a national or international scale, we will be your best partner to assess, design, implement and manage digital systems, so you can focus on your core business activities.

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Our mission:
To provide direct access to new-generation IT & Telecom solutions

In today’s competitive and crowded market, SMBs are faced with significant challenges. Among them, the constant changes of technologies and consumers’ needs, which require them to invest in cloud-based services, secure connectivity, mobile-first approaches and high-quality IT infrastructures. But where to start? How to choose the right solutions and how to implement them in the most efficient way?

Our expert consultants in IT and Telecom have helped companies from all over the world switch to new-generation IT solutions. With our support, you can have access to high-quality resources and benefit from individual consulting at each stage of your project.

How we work

Individual approach

For INITECH, universal solutions that match all companies do not exist. This is why we work to provide customized guidance and recommendations precisely based on your needs and goals.

Consulting & Management services
from A to Z

To offer seamless and consistent business IT services, we support our clients at every step of their efforts. This includes infrastructure consultation, needs assessment, design and implementation of solutions, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

High-quality solutions

Our IT and cloud consultants utilize their expertise to propose solutions which are not only profitable for your business, but also scalable, reliable, and secure. Our goal is always to allow you to increase your productivity, competitiveness and efficiency.

Worldwide coverage

Thanks to our international presence, team, and experience in IT strategy consulting, INITECH is able to meet any global requirements. Regardless of the location, we are able to navigate the complexities of working and operating in different regions.

Direct access to selected high-quality providers

Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to connect our clients with the best technology vendors and service providers. This helps them save time and effort to focus on what they do best.

Our services

In recent years, it is no secret that Information Technology has become an integral part of modern business operations. From managing customer data to optimizing supply chain processes, IT now plays a critical role in enhancing companies’ efficiency and driving growth. However, many small and midsize companies struggle to harness their full potential due to limited resources and expertise. For that, they need the help of an IT consulting company they can trust.

This is why INITECH has taken on the mission to help these companies bridge the gap by providing tailored services that address their specific needs!

By leveraging the expertise of our IT consultants, stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends and innovations, enhance your operational efficiency, reduce your costs, and foster better customer satisfaction!

Our expert team

INITECH gathers top IT and Telecom consultants with strong work experience with small and midsize companies

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INITECH is an IT consulting company with a worldwide coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and in the United States. Our core mission is to provide small and midsize businesses with access to new-generation IT and Telecom solutions. We treat each project as our own and rely on a verified network of local partners and technology providers.


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We cover worldwide requirements

INITECH conducts business on a global scale, with a presence in key innovative countries and a strong network of selected local partners.

Nanterre, France

2 offices in France:
and Angers

2 offices in Europe:
Warsaw and London

with local partners

Delivering global solutions

We work only with verified high-quality providers

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